April 21, 2024

Hushpuppi go face 11 years for jail

Hushpuppi\in jail\

For July 2021, Hushpuppi agree say hin follow dey do money laundering, e mean say hin dey follow illegal way dey get plenty money. Hin agree say the runs wey hin bin dey do, na with some other people wey dey inside and outside the U.S. Plenty people around the world don fall victim of this fraud wey hin dey do.

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Na U.S dem carry am go wey dem charge am for fraud and money laundering.

The United States Government don tell the District court for central California make dem sentence the Nigerian Instagram celebrity Ramons Abbas wey everybody know as Hushpuppi go 135 months for jail because of fraud.

Na for The Nations this tori dey, CLICK HERE make you go see the full gist.

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