June 17, 2024

Johnny Drille call hin fans to bond with them.


Singer, Johnny Drille, don dey get reviews for hin song, ‘How Are You (My Friend)’. Shortly after di release of di song, di singer do something wey blow di minds of plenty pipo. He post hin phone number for social media and he encourage hin fans make dem call am so dem go fit talk.  Hin dey call hin fans sometimes too.

For interview with Saturday Beats, di Mavin Records artiste mention say hin dey like remind hin fans say hin care about them. According to am,  fans, sometimes, need to dey reminded say celebrities be like everyday people like them, even though dem dey blessed to dey for di spotlight.

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He still yarn say hin no see ‘fans’ like fans; dem dey more like family to am— community wey love Johnny Drille.”

Di singer still mention say people like hin songs because hin dey sincere. Hin say na because hin dey sincere and honest about hin music. Most of hin songs reflect am as a person and di fans fit see amt. But, hin talk say as hin fans dey show am love, hin no take am for granted, hin fans na di MVPs for this case,”. Na wetin hin talk be that.

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