May 29, 2024

Man wey I neva born for dey give me $7k monthly” Bobrisky dey brag as hin show off cash


Mummy of Lagos and Controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky don drop breakdown of di monthly allowance wey hin dey collect from hin boyfriend.

Di socialite enter social media reveal say hin dey collect 7,000 dollars for just feeding.

Bobrisky mention say, 5,000 dollars wey hin dey collect monthly from hin lover na to do hin hair; and for shopping and to buy fuel for hin car.

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Di human barbie doll  show off bundles of notes, in naira and dollar, wey hin talk say hin collect from hin lover.

He write for hin Instagram say “How much be di monthly feeding money wey your boyfriend dey give you? Mine own na $7k

lf man wey I neva born for dey spend dis kain money monthly,make I dey grateful”

This tori full ground, you fit go enjoy di remaining tori…READ MORE

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