April 14, 2024

“Millions don go” – Man dey cry as all hin money wey hin save for piggy box don decay


One Nigerian man don dey in pain after hin open hin metal piggy box bank with di hope say hin go carry am go deposit for bank, , only to discover say di money don decay.

E dey obvious say hin don dey keep cash for inside di box and go dey expect say hin go see plenty money when he finally open am.

E no too tey wey hin carry di piggy box go bank so that hin go open am there, but regrettably, all di money inside don rotten.

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E get video wey dey make rounds for internet, di video show di rusty piggy box and di naira notes wey don decay as dem dey transfer am to another bag. Bank employeesfollow dey examin di bad notes and dem sef bin dey feel sorry for di man.

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