June 25, 2024

Na wetin Nigerians dey yarn about political parties wey get structure and wey no get.


As the 2023 general elections dey come, one big topic wey dey national debate na about the leading political parties and dia candidates, especially the presidential flagbearers. The political parties wey don gain ground well well, political parties, the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and dia members don look the small parties as ordinary noisemakers and and dem dey always use the word ‘structureless parties’  take describe them. E mean say other parties wey never gain ground no get structure

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According to Ayodele Adebanjo, hin talk say person no fit win election for Nigeria without structure. Hin say make social media no deceive person. No be Twitter and Facebook dem dey use win election.

Hin yarn say hin no dey talk about any political party, but the way wey den structure Nigerian politics, person no fit win election without better structure. You fit ask yourself, how many State Governors, Senators or Reps una get? For states, how many House of Assembly members una get? Na people go help you win election, no be social media.

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