May 25, 2024

No more interview for visa renewal for Nigerian students – US Embassy


Di United States of America don come out tok say Nigeria citizens wen bi student for dia countri way wan renew dia visa no go dey do interview again.

According to wetin dem tok,dem say “If you dey study right now for United States on an F1 or academic J1 visa, you don dey eligible to renew your student visa without any form of interview wen you return to Nigeria for holidays.

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“To qualify for dis procedure, dem tok say you must show face for Nigeria, to renew your student visa wen still dey valid or don expire within di past 24 months.

To renew your visa, dem tok say you must let dem know maybe……

(A) You wan continue to participate for di same major course wen you dey study even if na for different institution.

(B) You wan still attend di same institution but wan study different major course.

Dem tok say for dem to schedule a no-interview student visa renewal appointment, you must drop off your passport for any DHL location for Lagos, and na you go still pick date and time wen you wan use di Consulate online booking system.

Di U.S. Mission for Nigeria is committed to return your passport to you within two weeks from your appointment date.and to schedule a no-interview student visa renewal appointment dem tok say make you go visit dia website wen bi… www.ustraveldocs.com/ng

Other details according to US Consulate includel “Your passport wen contain di expired student visa if di passport don expire. con join am with current valid passporf.

Dem still tok say students way no meet di above requirement or criteria on how to renew dia visa. must make sure say dem schedule appointment at www.ustraveldocs.com/ng

“If persin for your family or group of pipol no meet di qualifications make dem also schedule appointments.

For example, dem tok say dem no dey accept renewal of visa for small pikin, but if di parent qualify under dia guidelines. dat one mean say dem go need to carry dia child come Embassy for  interview..

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