June 19, 2024

Reason why corruption dey for civil service — Jonathan


President Jonathan yarn dis one for one book launching event of di former Chaplain of Aso Rock Villa Chapel, Obioma Onwuzurumba. di book launch, also feature some other things like unveiling of a Day-Care Centre for elderly pipol, and at di same time mark Onwuzurumba’s 73rd birthday celebration.

Jonathan tok say “ One of di greatest problem way Nigeria bin get and probably na di reason why corruption full everywhere, na say many pipol no know wetin go happun to dem by tomorrow.

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So, na di reason why many of those pipol deý get di mindset to say, now way him dey active for service, make hin help himself legally or illegally.

Commending di celebrant and hin wife Jonathan tok say, hin dey happy for di initiative to launch a daycare Centre for di elderly pipol.

Jonathan con still tok say bodi no sweet am at all becos say government lack sense of care for civil servants, pipol way be like say government no allow dem to get dia own businesses, after retirement dem no go still take care of dem.

Base on say Nigeria no get beta welfare system way fit manage pipol. Especially our security services pipol and dia family,government no look dia side at all.

So, if Onwuzurumba and others fit come up with dis kind initiative to care for di elderly pipol, na beta thing bi dat and dem need to support dem big time.

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