July 14, 2024

Ronaldo don breaks silence as hin comot for Portugal squad for Qatar


Portugal captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, don deny say hin threaten to comot for Portugal squad for di 2022 World Cup.

For hin post for social media, di 37-year-old claim “external forces” dey tryi to break up di group.

“This group dey too united to dey broken by external forces. Nation wey dey brave and wey no fit dey intimidated by any adversary.

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According to Record, Ronaldo inform head coach, Fernando Santos say hin fit fly out of Qatar after hin discover say dem drop am for di last-16 clash against Switzerland.

Di former Manchester United sef don calm down as dem see say hin departure fit affect di team negatively.

Portugal Football Federation don follow talk say di claims no dey true.

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