May 25, 2024

War: Russia go pay for Ukraine reconstruction – German minister


Svenja Schulze, German Development Minister, don call for means to force Russia make dem contribute to the costs of reconstruction for Ukraine.

Schulze yarn say she go see am as something wey make sense if Russia join hand for Ukraine reconstruction amid the ongoing war between the neighbouring nations.

“As things dey now, no international law dey to make am possible.’’  Na wetin Schulze tell German broadcaster RTL/ntv ahead of the conference on the topic for Berlin.

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Schulze yarn say e never dey possible to put an one particular figure on how much the reconstruction go cost.

“Talk dey fly everywhere say the money fit plenty well well, but for reality, nobody fit talk say na the exact amount of money when dem go need be this, because e go depend on how much thing dem destroy ,’’ Na wetin she talk be that.

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