May 29, 2024

Youth dey Protest for Ibadan Over Alleged Illegal Arrest By EFCC Officials


The protesters block the main entrance of the Government Secretariat for Agodi and the dem no allow free movement of people wey waka with leg and vehicles too. Dem Yarm say EFCC officials dey harass and arrest youths anyhow because of internet fraud. The thing wey dey pain these Youth be say the EFCC dey accuse dem of internet fraud, na why if EFCC official see dem for road, the next thing go be to harass dem for road kon arrest dem.

Give us power make we stop nakedness for big brother Naija– Agency dey beg lawmakers

The protest hot so tey road block, vehicles no fit move go anywhere, e dey hard make human being pass because the Youths wey dey protest full road.

The Youth complain say dem no fit waka freely for road again because of how EFCC officials don label all of dem as internet fraud.

One of the protesters wey hin name na Samuel yarn say dem dey protest because of EFCC officials anyhow arrest. Dem talk say EFCC no dey think am well well before dem judge, na to just arrest anybody wey dem see.

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